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Bonga The Stand Up Poet

Guest : Bonga Ndziweni Bonga Ndziweni is a multi-slam winning poet who began writing poetry in high school. He has performed on various stages all over South Africa and the continent including the SANAA Africa Arts Festival and the Word and Sound Live Literature International youth poetry festival to name a couple. Bonga recently wrote and recorded a poem for CapeTalks’s birthday celebrations and has performed together with Jazz greats Gloria Bosman and Jimmy Dludlu. Copywriter by day and poet by night – Bonga uses the power of words to try and make a difference in people’s lives.

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Lisa Joshua Sonn - Why our laaities are dying

20 November 2019 | 28 Minute Listen

Guests : Lisa Joshua Sonn                Alex Tabisher|columnist with the Cape Argus Tonight on our weekly slot with Lisa Sonn we have a guest, Alex Tabisher, a columnist with the Cape Argus who wrote an thought provoking column" Dear coloured parent, our laaities are dying..." Dear coloured parent Our laaities are dying... Our laaities are dying because 5-year-old Joshua was never taught to respect his elders. Our laaitjies are dying because it was cute when 2-year-old Chad learnt his first swear word. They are dying because when teachers sent rude Kyle home, Mommy came to school to defend her baby... We are dying coz in Grade 4 daddy told me to go back and fight Keenan, “Don’t leave it like that...” instead of just teaching me how to walk away Our laaities are dying coz mommy buys 10-year-old Jade the most expensive takkies just to make up for not always being around... They are dying because Uncle Shaun couldn’t discipline Raldo... “You are not his father, leave my child alone.” Our laaities are dying because self-respect went out the window... Our laaities are dying not because we are stupid, or have no ambition, or want to live like that... Coloured parent, our laaities are dying because we never had good role models to look up to... Most people will be quick to say it's the fault of government that we can no longer discipline or kids but the issue runs much deeper than that, we have abdicated our responsibility of raising & disciplining our kids.

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