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The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie

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What About the People? Marc Lottering pens powerful song

13 August 2020 | 6 Minute Listen

The need for food relief from vulnerable communities since the onset of lockdown has reached unprecedented levels.  Food is running low and sponsors can no longer assist.  In an interview with Carl Wastie, Tafelsig Activist Joanie Fredericks shares that for five months she has pleaded with the president for an intervention.  The stark reality is that this nation has come to the end of the road in terms of food provision. I have pleaded for 5 months, ongoing with the president to hear our plea.  Our words really fell on deaf ears. One day I realised... let's bring in other people that would not normally be activistic about a particular issue. It must be somebody, a celebrity that understands this particular community.  To help shed light on the desperate situation, Marc Lottering partnered with Craig Lucas in a powerful song pleading for help from the South African government.  Joanie brought me to Tafelsig, you decide where you fit in and what you're going to do, but this is the daily reality, not just for people in Tafelsig, Mitchellsplain. All they have is hope that somebody is going to feed them. And because the soup kitchens have been running, Joanie asked please can we do a little film. We need something different to get attention of people, to get the awareness to government.  Marc Lottering then penned "What About the People?", featuring Craig Lucas.  Watch the powerful video here:

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