The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie

A 'Random Act of Kindness' for Advanced Edukos Foundation

To have great leaders for tomorrow, we need to inspire and uplift today’s youth. In 2020, Wendy Abrahams launched a youth development programme to elevate children in the Mitchell's Plain and Strandfontein communities. She joined Carl Wastie on The Flash Drive to share Advanced Edukos Foundation's story. There was a need, there were young people walking the streets, standing on corners that did not have academic support... Mom and dad were either working or they were not able to support their children. Sherry Saltzman joined in on the call with Wendy to share the Dis-Chem Foundation's pledge to help Advanced Edukos Foundation. We're going to be giving her R120,000 worth of stationery and goods and equipment that she can keep youth of the street, so the youth can be stimulated, they can be educated, so that they can be guided because the youth are the future of tomorrow.

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