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Saving Muizenberg's iconic beach huts

All Capetonians are well acquainted with the colourful beach huts along the False Bay coast.  But in recent years and as a result of the August 2020 fire - these popular tourist attractions have been in need of urgent attention. Local resident, Angela Gorman decided to get the community together to restore the dilapidated beach boxes through a social media campaign called 'Save Our Beach Huts'. Tracey Lange spoke to Angela about the initiative.  The project started eight weeks ago, we've just started restoring now... just a campaign that we started on Facebook and Instagram to infuse people and to get them excited about the fact that we ourselves can do it. We can restore all 31 beach huts if everyone pulls together and offers their time, offers their expertise if they're a company, offers donations of timber, of paint... it has just been the most incredible little journey we've been on in Muizenberg. The community project has come together to restore the 31 beach huts on Muizenberg Beach and 16 along St. James Beach to its former glory.  This time instead of wood, the beach boxes are rebuilt with Nutec, a cement-based product which is fire, mould, sea and sand resistant.

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