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What's happening in the Courthouse? Theft and negligent driving

Every week, Rameez Khan of Kfm Mornings makes his way to courthouses across Cape Town to hear their stories - and sometimes dole out some advice. This week he spent time at the Cape Town CBD Court. In the latest episode of "What's happening in the Courthouse?", Rameez speaks with a woman whose brother has been convicted with attempted theft of a motorbike. His concerned sister explains that her brother had no intention of stealing the bike, he was merely caught sitting on it. She also feels that the court is not always right, conviction sometimes depends on how strong a case is.  The second person Rameez speaks to is in court for alleged negligent driving charges. He shares that while he was in the car, he was not the one driving. He was intoxicated and cannot remember who was behind the wheel.  Catch "What's Happening at the Courthouse" Wednesday's or Thursday's after 7.30am on Kfm Mornings.

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