Lunch with Pippa Hudson

On the couch: Wijnland Auto Museum

The Wijnland Auto Museum just off the N1 near Joostenberg Vlakte on the way out of Cape Town has been described variously as a scrapyard or as a quirky collection of classic cars. From the highway, on the outside, you will first notice a small aeroplane and then some rusty old vehicles ... but if you make the effort to visit, inside the many large sheds, you will find the most incredible assortment of sleek and beautiful working vintage vehicles. The museum is the brainchild and passion of 87-year-old Les Boshoff, who began collecting the wide range of cars since 1984 - from Jaguars to Lamborghinis, Corvettes, and much more.  A car enthusiast's dream. There are over 300 classic cars - some in better condition than others - the largest collection in Cape Town. The oldest running car is a 1910 Buick of which there are apparently only 5 in existence worldwide that still can be driven.

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