Afternoon Drive with John Maytham

Government should change it's approach to service delivery

Guest: Marie-Noelle  Nwokolo |  at Brenthurst Foundation John Maytham speaks to Marie-Noelle Nwokolo from the Brenthurst Foundation on why government should change it's approach with regards to service delivery. Researcher at The Brenthurst Foundation, Marie-Noelle Nwokolo wrote a piece in the Daily Maverick on how government could better service delivery in South Africa. She says that part of the solution is that of instilling a culture of kindness and compassion in service delivery.  She went on to say that the reason government reforms often don’t work is because the cultures within which they are enforced do not encourage or reward compassion – a value key to service delivery and until people can develop a commitment to the wellbeing of others, especially those affected by poverty, the world will continue to be a tough place.

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