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Mamela to Mi Casa's J'Something on 'Mamela'

MiCasa’s new single, ‘Mamela’, is out – and a few weeks back, it was revealed the song is J’s favourite from Mi Casa. So naturally, Carl Wastie had to call him up to find out more about the track on the Kfm Top 40…. What Carl and the Kfm Top 40 team didn’t know was that we were interrupting J’Something’s weekend of love – as he was going away with wife, Coco, to celebrate their anniversary. But J’Something said that the song is so special and his love for the Kfm familia is so strong, that of course he would make a plan. So, mamela (listen) to J’Something chat to Carl Wastie this past Saturday (17 Oct 2020) about ‘Mamela’…

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