Anele and the Club on 947

Anele and The Club offer to hop onto Msizi’s initiative rebuilding KZN

The perpetual roast of Msizi James every weekday just before 9am by Anele and The Club is never-ending fun. But on Friday it started off with the team chasing to Msizi about his recent philantropic efforts.    Followingg weeks of looting, riots and unrest, 947’s Msizi James, went down to his hometown in KZN this weekend to give charities non-perishables that he, his friends and family have collected.   ‘The supply chain has been broken, we are just trying to fill some gaps in the communities that may have not have received a helping hand at this moment.’   Msizi says that they plan to make another trip next weekend, to which Anele and The Club shared that they’ll come on board, hopefully with some help from FMCG, Rhodes Quality.    For fun. Energy-filled mornings, tune in to Anele and The Club on 947, every weekday from 6 - 9am. 

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