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#AneleAndTheClub: "What board game can you just not get good at?"

Which board game do you refuse to play?  Queen Elizabeth says that she won't allow the game Monopoly to be played at the castle because it gets "too vicious."-  Onlinecasinos used social listening to track mentions of popular board games, revealing how many posts are about a fallout rather than wins. The data was analysed from March 2019 to 2020.  Monopoly comes out as number one for a family fallout with 28,176 social posts complaining about conflicts during play.  Second in the rankings is the all time classic Jenga. With 6290 posts, it lookslike the bricks are not the only things on edge in the family game.  1Monopoly  2Jenga  3Scrabble  4Cluedo  5Battleships  6Pictionary  7Trivial Pursuit  8Mouse Trap  9Kerplunk  10Frustration   

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