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Youngsta CPT

Guest : Youngsta CPT YOUNGSTA, or otherwise known as YoungstaCpt, wasn’t born into a family with a musical background. His love for Hip Hop came to sight when he was just a ‘youngster’. By mimicking other artists’ voices it gave him the advantage to create his own flow, delivery and voice. In Grade 5 he started writing songs, initiating the need to perfect his passion. Once he matriculated in 2009, he spent 2010 becoming Cape Town’s most surprising new artist. His distinctive style generated positive and negative feelings from local artists and Hip Hop heads, but overwhelming support from music lovers. The name, YOUNGSTA represents a lot more than his age. He represents a new generation of Hip Hop artists in Cape Town. His verbalised experiences emphasises what growing up as a youngster in ‘the new era’ is like. The ironic part is that when YOUNGSTA fell in love with Hip Hop it was the conscious side of the genre which activated his enthusiasm.

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