Women Crush Wednesday with Tracey Lange #WCW

Making a career move during the pandemic

Considering a career change during the pandemic? Tracey Lange turns to Sanlam's Head of Chanel and Segment Marketing, Lee Hancox for advice.  Many people have faced retrenchment, what can they do? The most important thing to remember is to stay calm, and that you've done nothing wrong. Keep a clear head during this time, being panicked raises the chance of making knee-jerk reactions Should we use this time to update our CVs? It's critical at this time to focus on skills and not necessarily just job titles.  Prospective employers are going to want to know what skills you have, and how adaptable you can be... What should people who are considering moving jobs keep in mind? It's important to evaluate your reasoning. So why are you considering changing jobs, is it because you are unhappy? You want a change of pace? A change of scenery? Use a mentor or a friend as a springboard to discuss the pros and cons of why you're looking at changing jobs.   

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