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Profile Interview : Rams Mabote

Rams is one of the most versatile media people having made an impact in print, TV and radio. Other than media work, Rams plays golf (9 handicap), coaches SMMEs on sales and is a reputed speaker on Reputation. He is also seasoned MC and facilitator. In 2014 he created a programme called ‘Future Kings’. This a programme of the Rams Mabote Foundation (RMF) and RMF's sole purpose is to share and teach the principles of manhood and dream-building to young men. The programme helps young men realise their potential and envision a future where they are physically and emotionally equipped, responsible and productive members of society. Recently Rams has also launched a You Tube podcast called #TalkWithRams. He joined Aubrey in studio...   Guest: Rams Mabote | Public Relations | Coaching | Author | Crisis Communications | MC | Reputation Management 

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