Fresh On 947 #FreshDeeds

#FreshOn947: An incredibly touching edition of #FreshDeeds with Bokang and the Dis-Chem Foundation ❤️

Hi DJ Fresh and team Today is my nephew’s birthday (07 August). He’s a CP (Cerebral Palsy) child, he’s had numerous complications since birth and was in and out of hospital since 2016 which finally led to brain damage. He’s turning 4 today and is a happy chap. My sister has been through a lot since the birth of Bokang and has been nothing but a loving mother to her son. Our biggest challenge at the moment is that Bokang is growing bigger each day and it’s become very difficult to move him around; and getting diapers that fit him has become a problem lately. Fresh. Will you please, please assist my sister with getting Bokang a wheelchair. She’s starting to have back pains due to carrying Boki around. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Clifford

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