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#FreshDeeds and Liberty's #DriveHope initiative come together for Gugu

Hi team I would like to nominate my friend and colleague Gugu from Ratanda, Heidelberg. She has been diagnosed with CIN1 and if it is not removed, it could cause cancer in a later stage. Of late, she has been sick and her doctor referred her a gynaecologist who advised that it would be best for her to have the LEEP procedure done for the CIN1 to be removed since all of her test results came back unsatisfactory. The procedure will be done in November. In the meantime, the gynaecologist prescribed injections for her she has to take every month, which cost her almost R900.00 plus she needs to have R5000.00 on top of her medical aid for the procedure in November. We have managed to raise R2000.00. She tried going to the government hospital, but they told her that this is not an emergency, she will have to wait for the lock-down period to be over. It breaks my heart having to see her coming to work every day in pain. We work for a small debt collecting company and her salary is not enough for her to survive on and pay her medical bills. Any help will be appreciated. Kind Regards, Mbali Thusi.

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