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Epic Games wants to take a bite out of Apple

Fortnite was the runaway hit in 2018 that has gone on to make millions for Epic Games. The game is played on most platforms but mobile is very popular, over 100 million played on iOS, over 75 million played on nothing else. Most were in the US and most were under 25. While the game is free to play, you can buy in game items for your character. It does not allow you to play better, but it does allow you to change your outfit or do special dance moves to celebrate your victories. It appears enough players really want to stand out and so Fortnite makes millions. Apple users can only download apps via the App store. App creators pay an annual fee to access the platform and submit If the game is passed by Apple as not contravening their rules it is free for developers to make their apps available. Should they charge for anything, Apple would take 30%. In November 2020 they announced that they would reduce that to 15% for income below $1 million per year. For subscriptions for services like Spotify, the rate is 15% after the first year. Apple is not alone in charging 30% but then it did create the first App store and has been charging the rate that everyone else adopted since it launched in 2008. Who is right and what about the issues with privacy and repairs. Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

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