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Cybercrime - no longer a virtual reality

Almost every business uses computers, software and is connected to the internet, the three components needed for a modern day Trojan horse to compromise your operations The Greeks had not managed to get inside the walls of Troy after a siege, the plan was to create a horse statue to conceal soldiers and convince the Trojans that the Greeks had left and left the horse as a gift. The horse was taken inside the city to show the citizens the siege was over. At night the hidden soldiers left the horse and opened the city gates to allow the Greeks to enter and attack. The Darkside Group recently effectively shut fuel supplies to the East Coast of the US as a result of a hack on the company that managed the pipeline. The Colonial Pipeline hack was a major one but one of many that take place every day and the trend is likely to continue thanks to how little most businesses understand about cybercrime and the reticence to spend time and money to protect themselves.  Audio Credit: Kjersti Flaa

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