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Losing your smell is a common part of getting Covid-19, but smell might also help us fight it

Dogs, bees and AI may help us find more infections faster than current testing. There is good reason to believe that a sensor that can work almost instantly, cost very little, does not need lab conditions and can be used repeatedly may be right under our noses. We can smell and recognise over 10 000 unique smells, not that you have made a list. Yet we take it for granted even as it quickly and effectively allows us to find or avoid so many issues. An even more effective solution can be found in the snouts and noses of fellow organisms that are far more sensitive. Dogs are way better than us, they take only a little training to associate a smell with a reward and are about 70% accurate  Audio credit: Vox Unexplainable Image Credit: © vladimirfloyd/

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