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What Zoom did for office workers, OnlyFans did for sex workers

OnlyFans can be described as a relatively new service made up of existing older services to satisfy the oldest service. It is a platform for content creators that has photos like Instagram, videos like YouTube, and posting and messaging like Facebook and Twitter. It charges a subscription like Patreon. Creators and fans can supply a wide variety of content across many subjects, but for the most part the content is adult related. Most of the creators are women, most of the fans are men and since the start of the pandemic it has allowed many adult industry workers to maintain or increase their income. It had grown to two million creators, had 130 million users and revenues of over $5 billion. Not bad for a company that was only started in 2016 and effectively has just 4 shareholders.  Fans are happy, creators are happy, owners are happy - what could go wrong?

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